At FitzGerald Yap Kreditor, our attorneys know how important intellectual property rights are to your business. That is why our lawyers regularly counsel clients on not only the selection and clearance of brands, trademarks, service marks, designs, and logos, but also how to protect, maintain, and exploit those intellectual property assets.

One of the ways we help clients protect their intellectual property assets is by designing programs to protect trade secrets and confidential information for their businesses, including the preparation of appropriate confidentiality and non-disclosure and non-use agreements. We also advise clients on obtaining copyright protection for Internet websites, computer software, and literary works; secure rights in works created by third-party consultants and artists; define ownership rights for copyrighted works, including works for hire; and explain open source and Creative Commons licenses.

At some point, most of our clients will want to exploit the intellectual property they have worked so hard to develop. Our attorneys frequently negotiate and draft agreements for the license and sale of brands, logos, trademarks, service marks, trade names, and trade dress. And when it comes to handling intellectual property issues within the sale of a business through an asset or stock purchase, a spin-off, a joint venture, or any other business transaction, FitzGerald Yap Kreditor’s experienced transactional attorneys understand the interaction of business objectives, practical pressures and timing, and how intellectual property issues fit into the overall structure of a deal. Through our comprehensive corporate experience, we have seen a wide range of deals and know how to help our clients avoid the downfalls of purchasing or selling intellectual property through proper due diligence and how to leverage those assets.

We handle all types of transactional intellectual property matters, including:

  • Trademarks, including selection, clearance, and maintenance
  • Copyrights, including protection and licensing
  • Trade secrets, including non-disclosure agreements
  • Website terms & conditions and privacy policies
  • Joint marketing agreements
  • Regulatory matters, including matters relating to advertising, contests, and privacy issues
  • Mergers & acquisitions