Lynne Bolduc served as a Corporate Director Coach at the 2019 National Conversation on Board Diversity for 2020 Women on Boards on November 21, 2019. This was an event that occurred on the same day in multiple locations around the world, including major U.S. and European cities. The event was held to foster opportunities to increase women on corporate boards around the world.

Lynne Bolduc, Attorney-at-LawLynne Bolduc, a partner at FitzGerald Yap Kreditor, is one of the premier corporate and securities lawyers in California. She has structured and implemented over $1 billion in business and financing transactions and has represented both domestic and international clients in complex transactions across multiple industries.

Lynne is highly involved in her community as well as providing legal insights as a speaker across many professional and legal organizations. She serves on the Boards of Directors of both non-profit and for-profit companies. To learn more about Lynne, check out her biography.


More About the 2020 Women on Boards Organization

The 2020 Women on Boards concept was brought to life in 2010 in Boston by co-founders Stephanie Sonnabend and Malli Gero. They both shared the same frustration of the slow process for corporations to bring women leaders on boards and wanted a way to promote more women leaders on boards across the United States.

The 2020 Women on Boards (2020 WOB) vision was that women will comprise more than 20% of all company board of director seats in the United States. That vision succeeded one year early as, in 2019, 20% of all Russell 2000 company board of director seats were held by women.

The 2020 WOB mission is to continue to increase the percentage of women on corporate boards in the U.S. and worldwide until true gender parity is achieved. Their campaign redefines good corporate governance and gender diversity standards and creates a cultural imperative for corporate action. Independent studies have shown that public companies with women on their boards out-perform boards with only men when it comes to profitability, productivity, and workforce engagement.

An interesting revelation is that for the first time in history, institutional investors with trillions in assets are holding back their support when a corporate board has no female directors.

Another groundbreaking development is that, in 2018, California became the first (and to date only) state in the U.S. to pass a historic law requiring corporations to add specific numbers of women directors within three years.

Having women on boards not only benefits the company, but benefits society as a whole by promoting career advancement opportunities for women as well as healthy workplace cultures with equal opportunities for women leaders.

To get more involved with this cause and learn how you can make an impact, check out the 2020 WOB website.