It seems that even small businesses are not immune to the global nature of today’s economy. Whether your company provides a product or service, there is a strong chance that you will encounter the need to transact business internationally. While this could be a very positive development for your business, you also need to make sure that you are prepared to handle the security risks and liability that accompany international banking transactions. Having a great accountant is a good place to start, but you may also need legal representation.

Heightened Scrutiny of Offshore Accounts

The government is engaged in heavy monitoring of any offshore accounts because it has become evident that international accounts are costing the government millions in tax revenue. Even if you are set up with a competent accountant, you still need to be aware of the legal challenges of banking internationally. To make sure that you are complying with all U.S. laws and regulations, it is recommended that you engage a trusted business attorney to provide guidance on your transactions.

Protecting Your Business in International Banking

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Avoid Legal Obstacles by Contacting an Irvine Business Attorney

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