Lynne BolducFitzGerald Yap Kreditor partner, Lynne Bolduc, will be attending the 143rd National Investment Banking Association (NIBA) Conference in New York City from March 26 through 27, 2018.  Lynne is a member of the Board of Directors of NIBA.

The purpose of the NIBA Conference is to showcase up-and-coming companies, both public and private, that are seeking relationships with investment bankers and other financial professionals.  These conferences are regularly attended by private equity groups, broker-dealers, registered investment advisors, venture capital groups, and others.

Lynne Bolduc is an Orange County business attorney with more than two decades of professional experience.  As a corporate and securities lawyer, she has represented the interests of organizations both large and small. Domestic and international clients have been able to realize complex business transactions thanks to Lynne’s foresight, negotiation skills, and legal acumen.

Much of Lynne’s work is in the finance arena, where she provides legal advice and services to companies seeking to raise money for the growth and development of their businesses.  Lynne also helps new organizations chose an appropriate business structure and counsels them on the myriad of issues involved with setting up a new business, including employment issues, intellectual property, and real estate.

The NIBA Conference is one of Lynne’s favorite events as it gives her the opportunity to connect with entrepreneurs from around the world who are genuinely passionate about their business.  She enjoys the chance to help them realize their dreams, drawing on her professional expertise to provide the kind of guidance that leads to smart decision making.

Lynne Bolduc Attends 2018 NIBA Conference

This year’s conference will be held at the Westin New York at Times Square.  Panel presentations begin Monday, March 26 at 5:30 pm with a welcome reception to follow.  Company presentations begin Tuesday morning at 8:30 am with one-on-one meetings commencing at 2:00 pm and then an evening cocktail party.  For more information on the NIBA Conference, go to their website at